As our name suggests, we are a dedicated professional service company serving the global P&I Industry. We are aware of changes affecting the structure of the industry that we serve and the commercial and regulatory issues facing our clients. Our services are tailored to meet their specific service need in a dynamic and uncertain business environment of a specific region.

Bangladesh and Myanmar present special challenges for the P&I clubs and the marine insurance industry in general. In Bangladesh the maritime legal regime is evolving and in may respect behind international development, partly as a result of slowness of the court system. The result is a claim friendly environment that exposes ships coming to Bangladeshi ports to a high risk of claim if there is any issue related to cargo, or in case of any marine accident. In Myanmar on the other hand, maritime law is far behind international developments because many old British Imperial Acts were repealed by the Government after Myanmar’s independence but no new law was enacted to fill the vacuum. This makes dealing with a claim in Myanmar very arbitrary and often solution has to be sought through administrative mechanism.

With these specific challenges in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of service to P&I Clubs, H&M underwriters, marine insurers, shipowners and international legal firms. Rather than just being a mail box we take interest in what is happening and monitor every situation for early and effective intervention, subject to agreement of client.

Under the general heading of P&I Correspondent Services we offer the following:

  1. Arranging and monitoring of surveys of ship and cargo, and providing advice to minimize risks of member and Club;
  2. Arranging investigation into a marine accident leading to damage to ship, cargo or crew injury;
  3. Monitoring of all claim situations, negotiation and claim handling;
  4. Legal representation and advice.

What do we do?

Our services are listed above. More elaborately we can say what we do as under:

  1. We arrange and supervise pre-loading and post landing routine surveys, damage surveys, loss prevention surveys, tallies and damage surveys.
  2. We monitor loading and discharging of all sort of cargoes and provide regular effective advice to master, owner and P&I Club with a view to minimize risks of claim or to expedite the loading or unloading process.
  3. We communicate and negotiate with third parties, subject to Client agreement, whenever there is a risk of claim against member or client. By early intervention we try to minimize a member’s loss due to delay or to prevent a potential adverse legal action against the vessel.
  4. We arrange survey of vessels for P&I Club entry of follow up of entry surveys.
  5. We arrange survey with the best available technical experts in case of a collision with another vessel or grounding, or contact with a fixed object. We monitor and control the situation in matter of collecting evidence and access to evidence by opponents and provide continuous monitoring services with regular advice to clubs.
  6. We arrange towage or salvage services if required under a particular situation, always subject to Club’s or member’s agreement, and negotiate for the best terms of service and costs.
  7. We negotiate with opponent interests, subject to client instruction and always without prejudice, to seek a negotiated outcome that is mutually agreed by all parties.
  8. We arrange representation in court using our legal counsel for lodging caveat, if instructed, or to defend the member, or to seek release of a vessel arrested by the Court.
  9. We monitor bunker supplies and advise of suppliers.
  10. We arrange for antipollution measures with port in case of an accident and negotiate penalties.
  11. In case of crew injuries or death we arrange investigation of the accident and assist with formalities for hospitalization, medical attendance, repatriation or patient or dead body.